Welcome to Nepal Academy of Music & Drama

Nepal Academy of Music and Drama is established by Nepal Academy of Music and Drama Act, 2064 with the objectives to preserve, promote and develop the vast intangible cultural heritage of Nepal in the forms of music and drama. Nepal Academy of Music and drama works to compile, preserve, promote works of maestro in the field of music & drama to help researchers in the field & publish literature on relevant subjects. It also gives award prizes and gives recognition to individual artistes both national & international, for their outstanding contribution, achievement in the field of music & drama. Nepal Academy of Music and Drama makes the biography of music and drama related legendry person for the purpose of research and documentation.

      Our major objectives is to study, research, revive and preserve unique folk tune, folk music, folk dance in different regions of the country. It has been promoting Nepali music and drama in the international arena as well. Nepal Academy of Music and Drama also makes provision to confer fellowships and scholarships to study and research in the field of music & drama.

The Academy has following major objectives:

  • To implement policies and programs for NAMUDA.
  • Help researchers to publish literature on music and drama.
  • To compile, promote and preserve the works of maestros.
  • To honor and confer recognition to national and international artists from music and drama for their outstanding talents.
  • To construct library, museum, theaters and halls for the promotion and expansion of music and drama.
  • To preserve traditional musical instruments of various culture.
  • To create, revive and preserve folk music, dance and drama.
  • Work to promote Nepali folk music, dance and drama in instrumental arena.
  • Making provision to confer fellowship to encourage for more perfection in the field of music and drama.
  • Organize seminars, conferences and festivals within and across the country.
  • Exchange mutual ideas, creating relation with various institutions, academies.